ChemVoices: What does it mean and what are we doing?

We are preparing a series of webinars featuring those who were recognized in the Periodic Table of Younger Chemists (PTChemists) with the award of an element for their contribution to the scientific community and their embodiment of IUPAC’s core values. The overall goal of ChemVoices is to provide a platform through which we can discuss issues that are relevant, and of immediate concern, to early-career chemists, while simultaneously giving them an opportunity to highlight their impact toward the broader scientific community.

The webinars will be structured based on one of the three following formats:

A traditional presentation: we will showcase the research of PTChemists using this format and a webinar will likely feature 2-3 presentations.

A roundtable discussion: multiple PTChemists will participate in a collaborative discussion about topics that they (the PTChemists) are passionate about.

Q&A style discussion: questions will be sourced from the International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN) and IUPAC social media accounts on a variety of topics and will be answered, live, by the panel.

We aim to share one webinar a month, consisting of traditional presentation style formats as well as roundtable and Q&A discussions. The webinars will be broadly focused on showcasing science and sharing the voice of early-career chemists with the world and will culminate in leadership and career development. We are excited to bring ChemVoices to life, and we welcome your feedback as we develop the program!