Dr. Fun Man Fung

Fun Man Fung, Ph.D is a Singaporean lecturer in Learning Sciences and Chemistry at the National University of Singapore. He is part of the founding leadership at the NUS Institute for Applied Learning Sciences & Education Technology and is the elected secretary of the International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN). He is passionate about education, mentorship, youth empowerment, and civic engagement. Fun Man’s story is featured on The Conversation and VeeR.TV. He is the host of the ALS1010: Learning to Learn Better, a highly popular NUS course. He was recognized as the sole Singaporean on the Periodic Table of Younger Chemists selected by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). Fun Man is an avid volunteer and served on the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) steering board for two terms (2014—2018), head mentor of the IChO Team Singapore, and WorldSkills International Competition as a Technical Expert for “Chemical Laboratory Technology” (SG). He is the co-author is the top International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) book “10 Things You Must Know About IChO”. Fun Man has delivered invited seminars at Stanford University, University of Cambridge, OECD, Sciences Po, University of Hong Kong, Sorbonne Université, Politecnico di Milano, Université Paris, University of Wyoming, Chulalongkorn University, CRI-Paris, Kanagawa University, Saitama University, National Taipei Normal University. Fun Man was conferred the prestigious University Annual Teaching Excellence Award in 2017 and NUS Faculty Teaching Excellence Award 2016. He is a distinguished recipient of the D2L award Innovation in Teaching and Learning (2019) and QS-Wharton STAR Reimagine Education Awards (2017, 2018) for his effort in innovative teaching and learning approach. He was the Singaporean representative for Global Young Scientists Summit 2020, and a member of the CAS Future Leaders Program 2020, selected by the American Chemical Society.