Dr. Aurora Walshe

Aurora joined the European Chemists’ Network in 2011 as the delegate of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland (ICI) and was elected to the EYCN Board, first as Communications Officer and later as Secretary. She has also participated in international projects with the ACS Younger Chemists’ Committee and the European Chemistry Thematic Network (ECTN).

After completing her PhD in 2014 Aurora joined the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) as a Publishing Editor and worked on several journal portfolios before joining the team for coordinating internal and external production processes. This included developing training resources for editors and visiting external suppliers in India.

In 2017 Aurora was awarded a secondment to the team coordinating the 7th EuChemS Chemistry Congress in Liverpool, and since 2018 Aurora has been a part of the RSC Member Communities team. Here, she uses her experience gained as a volunteer organising local, national and international early career events to support over 130 volunteer-led committees to develop, plan and execute a diverse programme of activities for 55,000 RSC members in 125 countries.

Aurora is a member of the IYCN Public Outreach committee and is delighted to be able to channel her professional experience and personal enthusiasm for chemistry into projects such as the IYCN Outreach Experiment competition.

IYCN Outreach projects: www.iycnglobal.com/experiments